Maths fun!

After a busy time with Maths assessments, we played the equivalent of bananagrams but with Mathematical tiles which are a mixture of digits and operations. The children worked in pairs to create their own mathematical sentences and get rid of all their tiles. It was a super way of having some mathematical fun after the assessments!

Subordinate Clauses

Last week 4B learnt about adding extra information to a sentence between two commas.  These we learnt were subordinate clauses.  We acted out our sentences using a football and a game almost like piggy in the middle.  4B produced some fabulous sentences using subordinate clauses . . . . now to use this skill in our writing.



Keeping Teeth Clean

This week in science Year 4 have been inventing their own dental products.  They have created adverts, filming using the ipads, added music and presented these to the rest of the class.  To see these videos please join us at Year 4’s showcase in a June!

Here are a few pictures of 4B in action.

Muffling Sound

This week in science Year 4 have thought of a question to plan a science investigation around.  This was ‘What is the best material to muffle a sound?’

The children discussed how important it is to be fair when testing each material, by

  1. keeping the volume the same for each material tested
  2. making sure the material was the same size

Our results were interesting and surprised us all . .  .


Super Showcase

This week we have been busy preparing the Year 4 Showcase.  The children worked very hard and it was an outstanding performance . . . well done Year 4!

Here are the Nightingale Reporters:

The Parents participating in the Ancient Greek Quiz:

Freeze . . . it’s Drama!

Finally, the children mid-way through singing Song of the Sirens:

Year 4 residential 

Super Swimming!

The Year 3 and 4s swam this week for their House gala. For many, it was the first time that they had swum in front of such a large audience. There was some fantastic swimming from every single participant and there was such amazing encouragement from all of the supporters! The results of the Year 3 and 4 gala are as follows:

1st place: Tonkin’s 60 points

2nd place: Trease’s 45 points

3rd place: Hardy’s 38 points

4th place: Ball’s 33 points

These were then added onto the scores from the Year 5 and 6 gala which gave an overall result for the Inter House Swimming 2017:

1st place: Tonkin’s 126 points

2nd place: Trease’s 109 points

3rd place: Hardy’s 104 points

4th place: Ball’s 66 points

Congratulations and well done to everyone.


STEM Week!


The Year 4s have had an amazing week so far for STEM week! They have participated so well in Puzzle Day, Pirate Maths and, especially for the Year 4s-Sublime Science. As well as fabulous workshops, the children have all been involved in many other STEM activities in lessons. A great “engineering” experience was had when constructing towers out of straws and marshmellows The winners in 4W were James, Fletcher, Ibrahim, Josiah and Marley for constructing their tower using triangles and supporting sections but well done to everyone! 4B had a similar construction project going on where they also had to think about costing! A learning experience for everyone!

Letter writing

Year 4 have been busy with their English topic of letter writing. They have been looking at both formal and informal letters. 4W have been using the ipads to research the address of their favourite authors ready to write a formal letter to them (or their society) about a book they have enjoyed. Let’s hope we get some replies!

Greek Day

Year 4 had the pleasure of dressing up for the day as an Ancient Greek Athenian.  4B and 4W had the opportunity to make medicines, pottery, fresco paintings, jewellery, charms, mosaics, wax tablets and crush olives to make olive oil.

We learnt about democracy and how slaves, women and migrants could not vote.  In the afternoon the children performed Greek Myths and poems, whilst enjoying bread, feta cheese, wine (blackcurrant cordial), dates, figs, olives and a small piece of cake drizzled with sticky honey.

Everyone present really enjoyed the day and can’t wait until the next one!